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New ExTe blue 1/1 2023

New ExTe blue 1/1 2023

For several decades, ExTe’s blue color has been part of our brand. We will now move to another shade - but still blue.

An advantage of the new blue color is that it is part of the RAL system. This makes handling more rational. For the customers, it will also be easier in case of any repairs to the paint. Another advantage is that the new color is more UV resistant.

The company’s choice of color is part of the products’ design. In that respect, we feel that after many years it is time for a modernization. ExTe’s most important core value is to have high quality and safety in our products. But it is also important how the eye perceives design and coloring. The difference between the old and new blue color is relatively small and the two can be combined perfectly.



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