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Contact ExTe

ExTe's head office and main production facilities are located in Färila, Sweden, around 350 km north of the Swedish capital of Stockholm.

Head office
Gundbergsvägen 6Tel: +46 (0)651-175 00
Box 18, SE-827 28Fax: +46 (0)651-175 03

ExTe - timber bunks and auto tensioners.

At ExTe we have always combined the entrepreneurial spirit with innovation. This has given us a technical advantage for more than 100 years, and ExTe is the world’s leading manufacturer and supplier of timber bunks and auto tensioners.

The safety of our products and our ability to make personal contact with timber hauliers, equipment installers and dealers are two important factors in our success. By listening to our customers’ ideas and needs, we can create a platform for our creative product development. This has brought us to the market-leading position we occupy today.

ExTe People