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New Purchasing Manager at ExTe

ExTe takes a comprehensive approach to strategic purchases of raw materials for all production.

Lina Bylund will take the position as Purchasing Manager on 3rd October 2016. All purchases at ExTe will pass through Lina. In addition, her responsibilities also include human resources and health and safety issues as well ExTe’s quality work including certification and monitoring.

For those of you who are our suppliers, it is mainly in the role of Purchasing Manager you will meet Lina.

Lina's e-mail address is direct telephone number +46 651-17509 and mobile number +46 76-677 66 72.

Lina has a background as civil engineer in chemical engineering with biotechnology specialization and worked for eight years in a biomedical company in Solna with product development and production. Lina has since worked for six years at Svenska Fönster in various roles including as manager of the production in Lingbo and the last year in Edsbyn as quality-, environment and safety manager.

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