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A-Series. A unique innovation: 25% lighter

The World’s Lightest Bunk Load More Timber.

A-Series - the most light-weight timber bunks on the market.

A-series, introduced in 2005, is our third generation of aluminium bunks and the lightest on the market and has been a total success. A-series is designed to meet the demand for extremely light-weight bunks, which makes it possible to load more timber and increase profitability for the haulier. 

Smart use of material

Generally, all A-bunks have become more durable. The frame profile in the cross section has been changed so that more material is allocated to areas that are subjected to more stress. The frame edges are also chamfered to cope with stress better. The side plates have rounded corners, making the weld joint stronger.
The profiles of the bunks have been optimised so that more material is placed where the load is greatest. This increases safety and decreases weight.

Easy, quick fit

The pre-drilled frame and specially developed attachments allow the bunks to be fitted very quickly. This saves time and reduces costs. No welding is required. Consequently, the bunks can be easily moved between different frame widths.

The bunk lies upside-down when the fasteners are fitted. The groove in the centre of the frame facilitates frame width centre alignment. The bunk is locked into position.
When the installation plates and locking lugs have been fixed, the bunk is placed on the frame. The bunk is then locked using a bracket under the frame flange.

Stainless steel pins secure the bunk laterally. The stakes are held in place with wedges.

All bunks are pre-drilled for the attachment of Luftman and TU tensioners. There are two attachment positions available. Bolster mounted releaser. Fitted in special brackets for different bolsters. The pre-drilled holes are in the same places on both sides of the bunk and allow for fastening in several positions. Hole pattern is the same on both sides of the bunk and allows flexible installation.

The mounting attachments for moveable bunks are clamped into position without drilling.
The plates are supplied loose to facilitate welding. The groove in the middle of the frame centres the sliding board attachment, which is bolted to the frame as well as to the sliding board.

Stabilising flange

The frame flanges ensure the stability of the bunks.

Rational stakes

The E-, D- and A-series all have the same stakes, which means that the storage of stakes is rationalised for equipment installers and for hauliers with several units.

Weight and Capacity:

A5 – complete timber bunk (bolster/stakes/attachments): 107 kg Max load per bunk: 5 tonnes
A6 – complete timber bunk (bolster/stakes/attachments): 118 kg Max load per bunk: 6 tonnes
A9 – complete timber bunk (bolster/stakes/attachments): 136 kg Max load per bunk: 9 tonnes
A10 – complete timber bunk (bolster/stakes/attachments): 136 kg Max load per bunk: 10 tonnes





DescriptionPart Number
Timber Bunk A5 2,55 Lh 2,04/3,0900716
Timber Bunk A5 2,55 Lh 2,6900716
Timber Bunk A5 2,55 Lh 2,8900717
Timber Bunk A5 2,55 Lh 2,9900718
Timber Bunk A5 2,55 Lh 3,0911780

Timber Bunk A5 2,60 Lh 2,04/3,0900718
Timber Bunk A5 2,60 Lh 2,6911782
Timber Bunk A5 2,60 Lh 2,8911786
Timber Bunk A5 2,55 Lh 2,9911790
Timber Bunk A5 2,55 Lh 3,0911794


Sliding Table Cylinder Attachment (steel) A-Series800440
Sliding Table Cylinder Attachment (aluminium) A-Series800445
Clamping Attachment800954
Friction Attachment A-Series800955
Monting plate A-Series800425
Monting plate, wide A-Series800450
Attachments pre-mounted A-Series812040


Tightening torques for bolted joints (all bolts galvanized):

FzbFzb/lub  Useage
M20 380 Nm327 NmAttachments
M16 195 Nm167 NmSliding board attachment, locking device
M12 80 Nm69 NmLuftman tensioners/attachments
M10 45 Nm38 NmAccessories etc.