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Com 90®. Superior technical solutions.

Remote controlled load securing with automatic monitoring.

Com 90® timber bunks - Light, quick and unbeatable working environment.

The new generation Com 90 timber bunks provide not only a lighter unit. On transport stretches up to about 500 km, Com 90 timber bunks result in a significant time saving, which means more transports per working day, thus improving profitability.

Irrespective of the haulage distance, the unique, remote controlled loading equipment provides an unbeatable working environment, technology taking the strain off the driver. The driver need never sling chains or straps with the Com 90, or fumble around in the dark to fix wet, frozen or muddy straps and chains. Press a few buttons and the load is secured, no matter the weather.

The world's most modern functions.

Remote controlled load securing - Lashing the load is managed with a simple and unique remote control – you don’t have to get near the load to have a total overview. You perform the world’s safest and most modern lashing of log loads smoothly and conveniently.

Automatic monitoring - Since the load gets compressed during transport, the system was designed with automatic monitoring and retightening so that you don’t have to stop and check that the load is secure.

Telescopic stakes - The more you can reduce drag on the vehicle, the lower your fuel costs. When
you are driving empty, the stakes can be lowered automatically to reduce exposure to airflow. And it makes the job easier for the forklift truck operator when the stakes are lowered for unloading.

Latched trow-overs - When the throw-overs are latched to each other, the timber’s load on the stakes is reduced by 50%. When you are driving empty, the vibrations in the stakes are
reduced and wear damage is eliminated.

Fast load securing - The remote controlled load securing system saves you time during loading
and unloading. Over average transport distances, that means you can usually
drive in one additional load per shift. And that is good for the bottom line.

Superior technical solutions.

The development of Com 90 is based on the basic principles - fast, safe and easy load securing.

Remote control - You control all equipment functions with the remote control. The range allows you to stand safely outside the work area for loading and unloading. You can also use the remote control from the driver’s seat inside the cab. An intelligent warning system reminds you to put the remote control back after loading and unloading.

Developed down to the last detail - The details – such as the gear rack and pinion, hydraulic cylinders, brake function, brake coating and the loading boom bearings – feature robust construction and simple, logical design.

Smart throw-overs - The soft throw-overs spring back to original position if they catch on grip loaders or truck forks. They do not get bent out of shape and are easy to replace and turn.

Anti rust finish - All parts are treated with an anti-rust surface finish instead of paint. The lifetime
of the equipment is extended and it keeps its attractive overall appearance longer.

Protected electronics - The clear and logical control panel and all other electronics are in the cab.
The placement is service-friendly and the electronics are protected against
potential risks in connection with loading, unloading and transport.

The world's safest timber bunks.

Com 90, maximum safety - Above and beyond the speed of operation, Com 90 provides a totally unique level of safety. You secure the load with a few button pushes on a remote control. When the load settles during transport, automatic retightening kicks in. Everything is monitored by a safety system with a control panel inside the vehicle.

Com 90 is by far the safest system for securing timber for transport on the market.

Com 90 - your own private lane.

You can lash your load for transport and prepare for loading extremely fast with the Com 90. When you arrive at the timber delivery point, you simply release the load by remote control, with no need to stop and release tighteners. With the Com 90 you drive on immediately. It feels like you are in your own private lane. That gives you time left over for more loads, improving profitability.

The best work environment.

Fewer injuries - Musculoskeletal injuries are the biggest cause of occupational injuries. When
the body is not subjected to the working positions that cause stress and strain during manual load lashing, the risks of repetitive strain injuries are reduced.

A sound body in the bargain - We have put a combination of inventiveness and creativity to work to create a modern workplace. Our technical solutions eliminate stresses on the human being and we have made the standards of the future available now. Whatever the weather, drivers work in a comfortable environment.

Reduced risk of accident - Remote controlled load lashing means you don’t need to stand close to the vehicle. If the logs come tumbling down, you will be out of range. And you don’t have to throw
cables anymore and overload your body.

Reduced stress - We have taken advantage of technology to eliminate certain time-consuming and
arduous steps in loading and unloading. A more consistent working tempo reduces time pressure on the driver.

Lower illness related absenteeism - When you eliminate steps in the work that entail risks to human health, you are taking good care of your employees – and the company, which doesn’t have to bear the costs of recurring absenteeism due to illness. 

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Frame weight 88 kg
Inside measurement 2190/2240/2290 mmOutside measurement 2500/2550/2600 mm


Weight complete with cylinders, brakes, etc., 67 kg/stake
Loading boom weight 4.5 kg each
Complete hook throw-over 5 kg
Complete ring throw-over 5 kg
Binding of the stake top means that the stakes withstand heavier loads than traditional stakes
Tensile force in the binding at 150 bar = 1.7 tonnes
Max cargo height 2800/3000 mm
Min cargo height 1700/1850 mm
Built-in stake brakes
High-speed function (for faster raising/lowering of the stakes)

Hydraulic System:

Hose dimensions: (vehicle)
• Suction line = 1”
• Pressure line, pump – filter – valve = 1/2”
• Pressure line valve – distribution manifold = 3/8”
• Pressure line distribution manifold – stakes = 1/4”
• Signal line = 1/4”
• Brake line = 1/4”

Hose dimensions: (trailer)
• Pressure line, pump – valve = 1/2”
• Return line to tank = 3/4”
• Control line valve – distribution manifold = 3/8”
• Control line distribution manifold – stakes = 1/4”
• Signal line = 1/4”
• Brake line = 1/4”

System pressure 150 bar
Back pressure, brakes 40 bar
TH 120-140 bar
TL 100 bar
Automatic retightening

The pressure guard records pressure drop in the hydraulic system.

ExTe recommends thin oil for the hydraulic system, e.g., Hyndla Bio SE 22, Hydra way Bio PA 22, Holbein Bio LT 22 or the equivalent.