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D-Series. The strongest, lightest combination bunks ever.

With frames in the new high-strength steel and aluminium stakes the products contribute to both improved traffic safety and more profitable timber transport for hauliers.

D-Series - combination of high-strengh steel and aluminium.

D-brainNew high-strength steels with unique qualities made the impossible possible and enabled us to develop the D-Series, which are now the strongest, lightest combination timber bunks ever. Frames in the new high-strength steels and aluminium stakes mean the products contribute to improved traffic safety and more profitable timber transport for hauliers. 

A series of combination timber bunks that are 15 per cent lighter than the E-Series. The frames are made of high-strength steel and the stakes of aluminium. The D stake’s advantages apply to all D series bunks.

Unique combination attachment.

Our newly designed attachment is a combined friction/clamp fitting. The attachment is unique and fitted with a fastener that that makes drilling the frame unnecessary.
The upper bracket and installation plate on each bunk are optimized to maximize weight savings.

Prepared for tensioners.

ExTe TU and Luftman tensioners are fitted using a smart attachment underneath the frame. The attachment is fitted in pre-drilled holes.

Practical preparation.

Because it’s practical to attach accessories like lighting to the frame we prepare the frame for different alternatives.

Flexible bracket.

The practical, specially-developed frame brackets are versatile to allow use in different applications; there is an individual frame bracket for each bunk frame.

Single or twin releases.

The manual release is bolted to the frame using a single attachment, or a double attachment when twin releases are required.

Simple release.

The easily accessible location of the release handle makes manual tensioner release quick and simple.

Automatic release.

The automatic pneumatic TU and Luftman tensioner release is also fitted directly to the frame for ease of access.


Description Part Number
Timber Bunk D5 2,55 Lh 2,04/3,0 912520
Timber Bunk D5 2,60 Lh 2,04/3,0 912521
Timber Bunk D5 2,55 Lh 2,6 912522
Timber Bunk D5 2,60 Lh 2,6 912523
Timber Bunk D5 2,55 Lh 2,8 912524
Timber Bunk D5 2,60 Lh 2,8 912525

Timber Bunk attachment with upper bracket

Description Part Number
Clamping Attachment 800740
Combination Attachment 803040
Thoothed rod and lock plate 803035
Sliding cylinder attachment 800753
Sliding cylinder attachment  803064

Timber Bunk attachment for welding

Description Part Number
Clamping Attachment 800670
Friction Attachment 800600
Sliding cylinder attachment  800750

Decal kits

Description Part Number
Decal kit for ExTe-blue coloured bolster 803032
Decal kit for ExTe-silver coloured bolster 803036
Decal kit for ExTe-black/green/red coloured bolster 803041

Optional delivery conditions

Description Part Number
Bolster powder-coated ExTe blue colour 812000
Bolster powder-coated ExTe silver colour 811999
Bolster primed 812005
Bolster coated in other colour 812030
Luftman attachment pre-welded 812015
Bolster attachments pre-welded