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ExTe products for Railway applications

rw_engExTe’s leading position as a developer and provider of safe and efficient load securing equipment for above all the highway transport sector for forest products is well known.

Also within the rail sector, ExTe has a forward position with a number of products that have been developed with the aim to improve the customers buttom lines.

ExTe’s rail products are to a great extent manufactured in high strength steel. Regarding new products, these designs are first scrutinized in FEM analyzes before prototyping and testing in ExTe’s laboratory. The laboratory tests first comprise of tests to determine how many times stronger the products are vs. UIC and TSI norms. Thereafter destructive tests are carried out in order understand braking point forces and number of force-cycles before fatigue. Thereafter, the new product will enter revenue test operation and marketing efforts will start.

Beside our mainstream timber securing products, ExTe can also offer none forest related products based on specific customer requests.

For price quotations and orders for our railway products, contact Owe Ljunghammer or Roger Larsson.

Owe Ljunghammer, Manager, Railway Products 
Tel +46 651-175 44, Mobile +46 70-520 17 07

Roger Larsson, Technical support for Railway Products 
Tel +46 651-175 43, Mobile +46 70-55 93 093

Jenny Eklund, Sales Representative
Tel +46 651-175 08