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S Series. Developed to allow more timber in each stack.

S Series - Volume timber bunk with really wide internal dimensions.

The S Series was developed to allow more timber in each stack. The banks therefore have a uniquely large loading area. Both the bolster and stakes are constructed with high-strength steel, which is both lightweight and strong.

The bunks covers all transport needs and is very well suited for equipage with higher load weights.

• Bunks up to 10 ton load capacity

• Quick and easy assembly

• No drilling or welding

• Easily replaceable stakes for different load heights

• Smart fastening of the stakes


Rational assembly

The S-bunk is designed to enable quick and easy installation. This saves time and reduces costs.

For quick assembly of framework

ExTe has a patent on the toothed attachment. No welding or drilling needed. Easy to move bunks between different frame widths.


Prepared for accessories

The S-Series bolsters are pre-drilled and fitted with attachment points for mounting of various accessories, such as tensioners, air controlled release mechanism etc.

More profitable transport

The S bunk's wide inner dimensions allow room for more timber, making transport more profitable.