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Support bolsters. Protect and speed up loading and unloading.

Protection bolster and new smart support bolsters in two versions.

Support and Protection bolsters

STODBANK-FEATURESProtection bolster and new smart support bolsters in two versions.
  • The support bolster protects the frame when the timber is unloaded, and is now even faster and easier to install with clamping or friction attachments.
  • Grooves and toothing makes it easy to adjust according to frame widths.
  • No welding or drilling needed.
  • A number of pre drilled holes and mounting points are there for installation of accessories, such as hooks, lashing etc.
  • The bolster is prepared for Sliding cylinder attachment.
  • The bolster weighs only 35 kg, has wear plate on the upper side, and can be delivered pre-painted ready for installation.

Rational assembly

The support bolsters are designed for quick and easy installation. This saves time and reduces costs.
ExTe has a patent on the toothed attachment. No welding or drilling needed.


Support Bolster

The straight support bolster is commonly mounted on trucks when e.g. tanks, screens, etc. limit the space.
Description Part Number
Support bolster, including friction attachment 810273
Support bolster, including clamping attachment 810274