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Accessories for improved working environment and productivity.

Accessories for improved working environment and productivity.

ExTe Original Accessories

All ExTe original parts and accessories well exceed all requirements for safety and quality. Always use original accessories that are tested and adapted.
See also Autonordic® product range.

krokenLashing Hook - helps you to easily lift chains or straps over the stack.

Helps you to easily lift chain or strap over the stack.

The hook design allows for easy lifting over the stack. The hook and the bracket are both made of durable special rubber.

The mount is easy to install on the stake, and the design ensures the hook is firmly fixed even during transport. The hook is a solution that reduces stresses on the human being, increases security and makes lashing faster.

NEW design!

DescriptionPart Number
Lashing Hook and schackle800910

DSC_0149Chain holder for stake-mounting.

Quickly and easily hang the chain on the stake. For left or right mounting.
DescriptionPart Number
Chain hanger for stake-mounting, left801257
Chain hanger for stake-mounting, right

GRIPSTODGrapple Support - protects bolster and grapple.

The grapple support can be fitted on all types of bunks and support bolsters. The grapple support allows you to put down the grapple without damaging the bunk or the grapple. The hard rubber absorbs vibrations.

DescriptionPart Number

KRANSKYDDCrane protection - reduces wear of crane and bolster.

When empty loaded, and the crane resting on the bolster, unnecessary wear will occur.

The Crane Protection is designed with a strong rubber bar mounted on the bunk, which absorbs impacts and vibrations and thus protects against damage. The bracket is anti-rust treated.

DescriptionPart Number
Crane protection800929

STAKSKYDDStake protection - eliminates damages.

When the hook is lifted by the grapple, it slides against the stake. Stake protection, which eliminates damages, suits both round and square stakes. The cover is made of wear-resistant plastic, 800 mm long and is attached with an adhesive tape, which remains fixed regardless of temperature and strain.

DescriptionPart Number
Stake Protection800901

luAir-operated Release Mechanism - makes the job easier.

The advantage of the air-operated release mechanism is that the driver does not have to walk around and release each lashing individually. With a single motion from the cabin the lashings on all stacks are released simultaneously. After lashing is released, the belts are rolled up automatically. Simple and easy.

It’s possible to release lashing on a single stack using the wire release.

The air release mechanism is mounted quickly and easily in the bunks’ pre drilled holes. The kit weighs only 1.7 kg and is compatible with both the Luftman tensioner and the TU-tensioner series.

DescriptionPart Number
Bolster mounted air operated release mechanism802187
Chassis mounted air operated release mechanism802188
Belt guide including flow valve 800438

Quick lock Locking Element: QL - just as ingenious as simple.

The Locking Elements QL can be used in combination with the standard type C-Series stakes, i.e. the same stakes as the A-Series.

The Locking Element QL comes very handy for truckers with flatbed trailers for transport of cargo, sawn timber and logs.

In a flat bed a larger number of sockets are mounted and the stakes are only placed where needed.
With the new Locking Element QL, assembling or disassembling of the stakes can be done in a short amount of time.

DescriptionPart Number
Quick Lock Locking Element QL810950