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D Series

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The boundaries of what is possible are constantly being moved. The evolution of steelworks means that new, high-strength steels with unique properties have been created. And this is laying the foundations for ExTe’s (D)Evolution, where conditions are making the impossible possible. That’s why we have been able to develop the D-Series, which are now the strongest and lightest combi-bunks ever. With bolsters made of the new high strength steels and aluminium stanchions (with the exception of DS), we have developed products that contribute both to increased road safety and to simpler and more profitable timber transport for hauliers.

The D-Series is a series of combi-bunks that are 15% lighter than the predecessor E-Series.


The D-bunks are available in the following performance stages:

D5 - maximum load per bunk: 5 tonnes

D7 - maximum load per bunk: 7 tonnes

D10 - maximum load per bunk: 10 tonnes

D12 - maximum load per bunk: 12 tonnes

DS5 - maximum load per bunk: 5 tonnes

DS7 - maximum load per bunk: 7 tonnes

Unique and patented combi-mount.

Our newly designed mount is a combination of the friction and clamp fastening techniques. The combi-mount is unique and has been fitted with a lock which means that drilling in the bolster is no longer necessary. For each timber bunk, the upper bracket and mounting plate have been optimised for maximum weight-saving.

Timber bunks prepared for tensioners.

The ExTe TU and the Luftman tensioner are installed with a smart fastening under the bolster on the timber bunk. The fastening is mounted in the bolster’s pre-drilled holes.

Practical preparations

It is convenient to mount accessories on the bolster, such as lighting. We have therefore prepared the bolster for various options.

Flexible bracket

The practical and specially developed bolster brackets are flexible, in order to be used for various applications. There is an individual bolster bracket for each bunk bolster.

Single or double release mechanisms

The manual release is screwed onto the bolster with a single fastening or, if two release mechanisms are required, with double fastenings.

Simple disengaging with accessories adapted for D-Series timber bunks

The easily accessible location of the release lever means that manual disengaging of the tensioner can be performed quickly and easily.

Timber bunks with automatic release mechanisms mounted directly on the timber bunk

The automatic pneumatic release for the ExTe TU and the Luftman tensioner is also mounted in an easily accessible location directly on the bolster.


New stanchions have been developed for the D-Series.

The design is both lighter and stronger. The same stanchions now fit both the A- and D-series. This also applies to Telescopic stanchions.

The stanchions are available for various load heights, and the stanchions for the older A-Series will remain available as spare parts.

  • Telescopic: Stanchions with a freely adjustable upper part
  • Conical-Out: Stanchions that are bevelled from the inside out
  • Conical-In: Stanchions that are bevelled from the outside in
  • Euro: Full profile without telescopic function or bevelling

Extensive range of accessories

The pre-drilled bolsters enable easy installation of several specially-designed accessories that make the driver’s job safer and less strenuous. All of ExTe’s accessories are carefully designed and tested to work safely and efficiently with the bunk.

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Bunks / Stakes

D-Serien broschyr (SE 05/2018) D5 Conical-In 2.10-3.00, AD00019_B D5 Conical-Out 2.10-3.00, AD00020_B D5 Telescopic 2.060-3-015, AD00021_B D5 Euro 2.10-3.00, AD00024_B D7 Conical-In 2.65-3.00, AD00071_A D7 Conical-In 2.10-2.60, AD00011_B D7 Conical-In 3.05-3.20, AD00072_A D7 Telescopic 2.060-3.015, AD00013_B D7 Conical-Out 2.10-2.60, AD00012_B D7 Conical-Out 2.65-3.00, AD00073_A D7 Conical-Out 3.05-3.20, AD00074_A D7 Euro 2.10-2.60, AD00022_B D7 Euro 2.65-3.00, AD00075_A D10 Conical-In 2.50-2.80, AD00014_B D10 Conical-Out 2.50-2.80, AD00015_B D10 Telescopic 1.860-3.015, AD00016_B D10 Conical-In 2.85-3.00, AD00076_A D10 Conical-In, AD00077_A D10 Conical-Out 2.85-3.20, AD00078_A D12 Telescopic 2.04-3.00, AD00086_A D12 Euro 1.80-3.00, AD00083_A D12 Conical-In 2.55-3.00, AD00084_A D12 Conical-Out 2.60-3.00, AD00085_A DS5 Euro, AD00009_B DS7 Euro, AD00004_D D5 T Conical Lh 2.30-3.00_AD00241_A D5 T Conical Lh 3.05-3.20_AD00242_A D5 T Euro Lh 2.10-3.00_AD00243_A D5 T Telescopic Lh 1.86-3.00_AD00244_A D7 T Conical Lh 2.30-2.60_AD00245_A D7 T Conical Lh 2.65-3.00_AD00246_A D7 T Telescopic Lh 2.06-3.00_AD00247_A D7 T Euro Lh 2.10-2.60_AD00248_A D7 T Conical Lh 3.05-3.20_AD00249_A D7 T Conical Lh 3.05-3.20_AD00255_A D7 T Euro Lh 2.65-3.00_AD00256_A D10 t Conical Lh 2.30-2.45_AD00257_A D10 T Conical Lh 2.50-2.80_AD00258_A D10 T Conical Lh 2.85-3.20_AD00259_A D10 T Euro Lh 2.00-3.00_AD00265_A D10 T Telescopic Lh 1.86-3.00_AD00267_A D12 T Conical-in Lh 2.55-3.00_AD00268_A D12 T Conical-in 3.05-3.40_AD00272_A D12 T Conical-out Lg 2.60-3.00_ AD00273_A D12 T Euro Lh 1.80-2.30_AD00274_A D12 T Euro Lh 2.40-3.00_AD00275_A D12 T Telescopic Lh 2.04-3.00_ AD00276_A D5 ST Euro Lh 2.45-2.80_AD00277_A D7 ST Euro Lh 2.25/2.40-2.80_AD00278_A 144 ST Telescopic 1.84-2.80_AD00279_A 144 ST QL Tele. Lh 1.84-2.80_AD00280_A 144 ST QL Tele. Lh 2.24-3.20_ AD00281_A 144 ST Euro Lh 2.00-2.80_AD00282_A 144 ST QL Euro Lh 2.10-2.80_AD00283_A 144 T Telescopic 1.84-2.80_AD00284_A 144 T QL Tele. Lh 1.84-2.80_AD00285_A 144 T QL Tele. Lh 2.24-3.20_AD00286_A 144 T Euro Lh 2.00-2.80_AD00287_A 144 T QL Euro Lh 2.10-2.80_AD00288_A


ExTe is the world's leading manufacturer and supplier of timber bunks and automatic tensioners. For more than 120 years, we have developed and delivered products for secure load securing of timber by road and rail.


ExTe has many unique and patented solutions. ExTe's patent symbol shows that there is something unique that only exists in ExTe. That ExTe has something that no one else has.


ExTe's resellers are located in a large number of locations and the number of service locations is growing steadily.


We deliver products to timber hauliers in all countries with requirements for road safety, good working environment and rational transport. Our product development has created standards in many countries for how traffic-safe load anchoring should be designed.