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QUICK-LOCK SYSTEM - Solutions for trailers with a flatbed

Lightweight aluminium stanchions for all types of transport

Flexibility for transporting roundwood and other goods

The ExTe Quick Lock (QL) system provides genuine “drop-in” capabilities for flatbed trucks and trailers that require flexibility to transport roundwood in various lengths and other goods, and where the stanchions have to be removed or are frequently repositioned.

The stanchion is simply placed in a specially designed socket together with ExTe’s spring-loaded self-locking wedge. No bolting or use of tools is required. No loose inserts or vibrations when driving on the road. The stanchion’s aluminium design makes it possible to create a strong solution, which is still lightweight for easy handling by the operator.

To release the stanchion, the operator simply steps on the QL wedge tool, unlocking the insert so that the stanchion can be lifted free from the socket. The stanchion can be stored on the vehicle or removed completely if it is not going to be needed for an extended period.

The sockets are made of high quality Swedish steel that has been heat-treated, and that is well suited for welding applications without the need for preheating. Several sockets can be placed along the length of the vehicle to fit different load lengths.

Conventional mounting with bolted wedges is also available for applications that do not require the frequent removal or repositioning of the stanchions.


  • Available in full lengths or separable stanchions.
  • Satisfies the official requirements for attachments.
  • Adapted to market standards.

ExTe has a wide range of products for flatbeds. We update this product page. Please come back soon, contact your local dealer or click here to get in touch with ExTe’s sales department.

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