Support bolsters


A smart support bolster in two versions - ANGLED or STRAIGHT with wear steel on top.

Support bolsters

Light but safe

The support bolsters protects the frame when the timber being unloaded, and is now even faster and easier to mount with clamp brackets or friction brackets.
  • Cut grooves and toothing make it easy to adjust to chassis frame widths.
  • No welding or drilling is needed.
  • A number of holes and attachment points are available for mounting accessories such as hooks, straps etc.
  • The bolster is prepared for sliding table mount.
  • The bolster weighs only about 35 kg, has wear steel on the upper side, and can be delivered pre-painted and ready for assembly.
Support bolsters


The support bolsters are designed to be mounted quickly and easily. It saves time and reduces costs. ExTe has a patent on the toothed attachment. No welding or drilling is required.

A support bolster made entirely of aluminum intended for applications where minimal weight is in proportion to reduced resistance to wear and strength.

ExTe Support bolster HD (Heavy Duty)

ExTe also offers a variant for applications that require even stronger support bolsters. This bolster is, like the usual ones, made of high-strength steel and wear-resistant steel and can withstand tough grips, such as for lifting.

Attached to the frame using a clamp or friction bracket.

  • The bolster weighs only about 42 kg (without brackets), has wear steel on the upper side
  • Clamping or friction brackets 
Support bolsters


The protection bolster is made entirely of aluminum and is very strong. It is available with friction brackets or normal or elevated clamp brackets.

  • The bolster weighs only about 23 kg (without brackets) delivered ready for assembly
  • Friction or clamping bracket (normal / raised)
  • Red reflective decal at the back