The Hook

Lift chains or straps with ease

The hook has been designed so it can be easily lifted with the grapple. Both hook and holder are made of durable special rubber.

The Hook

With the hook and the holder are made from specially-designed, on the stake and has been designed to ensure the hook remains in place even during transpiration. Our hook solution is gentle on the body and increases safety, while also speeding up the lashing process.

NEW! New design.


Description Part No
Hook and shackle 800910
Holder 800920
Chain 800249
ExTe Original


Always use original accessories that are tested and customised. All of ExTe’s truck accessories are designed with safety and utility in mind, and are adapted for all types of timber transport and other transport operations. Our product development has created standards in many countries regarding the design of truck accessories that are safe in traffic. We offer design and production solutions that deliver maximum safety in operation.