Highest transport safety

The TU tensioner has automatic retensioning and unlimited tension length. The TU tensioner (TU stands for Tension Unlimited) has a pulling force of up to 1000 kg, which is adjusted according to the requirements of each market.


A compact automatic tensioner in a new, modern design

The TU tensioner features simple and reliable mechanics and can be mounted on a bunk or frame. The tensioner is built with few moving parts to increase reliability and has a completely new valve mechanism. It is easy to replace wear parts and requires minimal maintenance.

Its symmetrical design (right/left) allows for mounting the belt drum and release lever on either side depending on what suits best. Belt drums are available for different needs and are easy to replace. New additions include a drum for short-linked chains and a small drum with width to wind up 10m belts. The tensioner weighs 11 kg without drum and mount.

Patent design 
AU 352618, CA 153816, EU 002245019-0001, GB 9002245019-0001, NZ 418231, US D756733.
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The TU tensioner has been developed to secure loads for all heavy transports, whether it is timber or other goods. An air-controlled release of the mechanism in the tensioner is available as an accessory. With this, the release can be done with the push of a button from the truck cab. This broadens the range of applications, such as when the tensioner is mounted under a platform/box where accessibility is not the best. The tensioner can also be tightened manually if needed.

  • Retains a neat finish for a long time
  • Chassis made of anodized aluminum
  • Side panels in stainless steel
  • Reflective safety decal
  • Simple, reliable, and very practical.

Simple and Reliable Mechanics with Few Moving Parts

  • Minimal maintenance
  • Easy to replace wear parts
  • Completely new valve mechanism
  • Flexible and versatile

Mounts on Bunk or Frame

  • Various mounts for flexible installation
  • Drums and release lever can be mounted on the right or left side of the tensioner

Wide Range of Applications

  • Pulling force up to 1,000 kg
  • Automatic retensioning
  • Without drum and mounts, the tensioner weighs 11 kg
  • Unlimited tension length