The SR12, SR8 and SR6 timber bunks can be attached to most types of flatbed and container wagons by the means of four general types of fastenings.


Bolted fastenings and Yoke fastening require holes to be drilled in the wagon frame (see photos 1, 3 and 4), while Clamp fastenings are clamped to the wagon frame (see photo 2). Wagon fastenings can either be bolted or welded to the wagon’s outer longitudinal beams (see photos 5 and 6). As the name suggests, Welded fastenings are welded to the wagon frame. Welded fastenings are most commonly used on SR6 and SR8 timber bunks (see photo 7).

Rubber pucks are offered as an option when using Bolted, Yoke or Wagon fastenings. Their function is to act as “dynamic shock absorbers” to minimise the risk of damage to equipment in the event of heavy collisions (with a crane or in the event of an accident). See photos 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 9 and 10.

Either Clamp fastenings or Bolted fastenings (with or without rubber pucks) are offered for support bolsters, see photos 9 and 10.

1 Bolted fastening w. or w.o. rubber pucks
2 Clamp fastening
3 Bracket without rubber pucks
4 Bracket with rubber pucks
5 Bolted trolley bracket
6 Welded trolley bracket
7 Welding bracket for SR6/8
8 Bolted bracket for SR6/8
9 Clamping support bunk
10 Bolted support bunk