Optimization Guide


As a timber haulier, you know that every extra krona that can be earned is worth its weight in gold on the margin. In our Optimization Guide, we provide examples of how the choice of different bunks impacts your profitability.

Optimization Guide

ExTe Optimization Guide

In the guide, you will find a calculation model where you can input your own figures on average transport distance, number of loads per year, and the compensation you receive per kilogram of timber. This allows you to see how weight savings affect your profitability based on your circumstances. With just one type of standard bunk, you cannot optimize your profitability. For that, you need a wide range of bunks tailored to different transport needs. Within each bunk series, you can combine bunks with varying load capacities and haul more timber in each load. By choosing the right timber bunks and combining bunks with varying load capacities, your profitability can increase significantly. Instead of just looking at the purchase price of the bunks, it's a good idea to use the optimization guide to see how much higher revenues you can generate.

It's a solid foundation for your investment decision.

Read more in our Optimization Guide.