ExTe TU - Remote


When the load is to be unloaded, the driver does not have to go around to the other side and release the sling. It can be done from the cab or from a safe distance. One push of a button on the remote control is enough.

ExTe TU - Remote


The winding of the loop starts automatically. With the correct distance from the stacks, the risk is almost non-existent that the driver will be hit by something that is dragged along from the stack by the sling.

The remote control automatically means that the stress on the body, and the risk of stress and wear and tear injuries, is reduced. You don't have to be out of the cabin more than necessary.

When loading, you can go directly into the crane cabin. When you have finished loading, you put the sling in the triggers before the tensioner is placed in operating mode and started.

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ExTe TU - Remote

TU Remote reduces time pressure

Studies show a time saving of 65-70 hours per year.

Although the time saved should not be exaggerated, the various stages of loading and unloading go significantly faster with TU Remote. Studies show a time saving of 65-70 hours per year. At best, time that reduces stress at work.

Interested in TU Remote?

TU Remote is an accessory package for ExTe TU. If you want to know more about TU Remote, you are welcome to talk to one of our sales representatives. Contact your salesperson or email sales@exte.se