20' Cassettes

Fits most types of standard container wagons

In collaboration with Container d.o.o. in Slovenia, ExTe can offer several different variants of 20' cassettes (load frames) with cargo bunks and binding systems from ExTe. These cassettes fit most types of standard container wagons.

20' Cassettes

Not all design variations are intermodal - i.e., not adapted for road traffic and are not liftable with cargo.

The most common design is based on ExTe SR8 and binding system 602. A cassette with four bunks weighs approximately 1.6 tons and can load up to 32 tons. The cassette is suitable for transporting roundwood or sawn timber.

Another variant is a multifunctional 20' cassette, also based on ExTe SR8 bunks. A cassette with 4 bunks weighs approximately 1.7 tons and loads around 31 tons. This type can transport standard ISO containers in addition to roundwood and sawn timber.

A third variant of 20' cassettes is based on ExTe Scandinavian SR12 bunks. A cassette with 2 bunks weighs approximately 1.5 tons and loads around 24 tons. The design is adapted for the transport of roundwood.

A fourth design of 20' cassettes is for cold or hot steel sections and containers and is based on ExTe’s SR Steel bunks. A cassette with 2 bunks weighs approximately 2 tons and loads up to 38 tons.