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S10i & S7i

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One of our most important goals in the business is to develop products that contribute to the profitability of timber haulers. That is why we are constantly investing in developing new options for timber haulers.

Our S Series was developed to provide space for even more wood in every load. Both bolsters and stakes are constructed in high-strength steel. The most unique thing about the S Series timber bunks is the large loading area.

Within the framework of our uniquely broad range, we now offer two a completely new and flexible 10 and 7-tonne steel bunks within the S series.

The S10i and S7i are based on the new needs created by today's modern transport conditions, new regulations and possible load weights.

Even more timber in every load

The new S-bunk has a wider and lower bolster. The construction provides space for the built-in tensioner and provides room for more timber in each load.

New toothed attachment for increased safety and faster assembly

With a toothed bench frame, assembly is easier and goes faster. The risk of sliding sideways is eliminated even under heavy loads thanks to teeth in the brackets.

Built-in tensioner

With higher total weights, a larger timber volume is required. To cope with this, the vehicles are built lower and more compact with more axles. The space for bunk or frame-mounted tensioners becomes tight. It will also be difficult to fit tensioners on sliding tables. That's why we built the tensioner into the frame. The tensioning device meets international requirements and regulations, including the new Finnish requirements of 650 kg tensioning force.

Easy to service

All tensioners, whether built-in or not, require regular maintenance. The built-in tensioner S10i and S7i is designed as a compact module, which can be easily lifted out of the bolster for servicing.

Stabilizing flange

The bolster has a flange that makes the bank stand firmly. The frame is also pre-drilled for mounting various accessories.

Large accessory program

The pre-drilled bolster make it easy to mount several custom accessories that make the driver's work safer and less tiring.

Any color

Of course, the new S10i and S7i bunk can be delivered in any color (RAL).

Interested in the S10i or S7i?

If you want to know more about the S10i or S7i, you are welcome to talk to one of our salespeople. Contact your salesperson via phone +46651-175 00 or email

More information:

On our website there is more technical information and installation instructions for our timber bunks and tensioners. Download from the website or order at telephone +46651-175 00 or email

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