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GDPR - ExTe's policy for data processing


As a customer at ExTe Fabriks AB, certain personal information is collected and processed in various ways.

Below is information about the treatment and your rights as registered.

Responsible for processing personal data is:

ExTe Fabriks AB, 556104-5062

For further information about ExTe Fabriks AB's handling of personal data, please contact us at +46 (0) 651 175 00 or

If you have any comments on how ExTe Fabriks AB handles your personal information, you have the opportunity to turn to the Swedish Data Protection Authority.

Purpose of treatment and legal basis

At ExTe Fabriks AB, your data will be processed to the extent that it is necessary to administer the relationship and that ExTe Fabriks AB will be able to fulfill its obligations towards you. In addition, the information is used to enable ExTe Fabriks AB to offer customized offers to you as a customer or stakeholder. The treatment is based on the agreement or customer relationship that occurs in, for example, an order made by the customer at ExTe Fabriks AB. Marketing is sent to you based on either an explicit consent or an interest weighing conducted by ExTe Fabriks AB.

All treatment based on Customer's consent may revoke the Customer at any time without explanation by contacting ExTe Fabriks AB.

Data transfer

The information may be disclosed to authorities as provided for in law, to any partners that provide support services to ExTe Fabriks AB, such as IT services, print services, distribution services in the manner and to the extent required for ExTe Fabriks AB to be able to fulfill its commitments to you as a customer and for marketing purposes.

Transfers to third countries

ExTe Fabriks AB strives not to transfer data to a country or company located outside the EU / EEA. Should there still be a need for such a transfer, ExTe Fabriks AB will take appropriate safeguards to best protect our customers' personal data.

Storage and thinning

The customer's personal data will be retained as long as the customer relationship persists and then the time required or permitted in accordance with applicable laws and practices.

Your rights as registered

When ExTe Fabriks AB collects and processes your personal information, you have certain rights. You are entitled to:

Request an extract from the personal data ExTe Fabriks AB deals with and how they are processed

Request correction of any incorrect data

Request to be deleted. However, this can only be carried out provided that ExTe Fabriks AB is not entitled to retain the data on any other legal basis

Request that, in some circumstances, processing is limited, for example, in the meantime, a question of whether data is correct or not investigated

When the Data Protection Regulation is applied, use the right to data portability

For questions regarding the handling of your personal information, please contact ExTe Fabriks AB at +46 (0) 651 175 00 or


ExTe Fabriks AB takes appropriate technical and organizational information security measures to prevent and limit risks associated with the disclosure of personal data such as unauthorized access, disclosure, abuse, alteration and destruction. Only authorized personnel bound by privacy have access to identifiable personal data.

Contact details

ExTe Fabriks AB

Gundbergsvägen 6

827 62 Färila


+46 (0) 651 175 00

Org no. 556104-5062


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