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D Series

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The new D Series is a profitable and very cost-effective solution for timber hauliers. Our smart designs make the most out of the best qualities of both steel and aluminium. Thanks to our uniquely wide product range, regardless of the situation, we can always offer hauliers alternative solutions that meet their need for light and strong constructions at an appealing price.

The D Series is available in four performance stages (5, 7, 10 & 12 tonnes). In fact, the weight difference between our D-bunks and full aluminium bunks is smaller than many people think. In relation to the cost of the investment, the weight difference may be of secondary importance.


The D-bunks are available in the following performance stages: 

D5 - maximum load per bunk: 5 tonnes

D7 - maximum load per bunk: 7 tonnes

D10 - maximum load per bunk: 10 tonnes

D12 - maximum load per bunk: 12 tonnes

Three basic aluminium stake designs

The new Conical Stake is bevelled both inside and outside and fit both the D- and A-Series. As an accessory, bolts can be applied to the stakes, placed 35 cm apart. This makes it easier to avoid overly rough timber and facilitate flat loading. Telescopic and Euro Stakes in various loading heights are also available.

Load more timber

Our D-bunks have lower frame boxes and wider inner dimensions than comparable full aluminium bunks. The low weight in relation to the load capacity makes it possible to carry more timber in each load. This means better profitability for the haulier.

Choose your own colour 

The bolsters can be painted in any colour (RAL) that you and the haulage company prefer.

Quick and easy installation

The new mount makes installation of the bolsters go smoothly and easily. No drilling is required. The bolsters are prepared for the easy installation of accessories, which makes the drivers’ work safer and less tiring.

Optimise profitability with D-bunks

Choosing D-bunks can be a timber haulier’s first important step in optimising their profitability. The next step is to use our Optimisation Guide. Based on based on the haulier’s transport conditions, bunks with varying performance steps can be combined to make it possible to have more timber in each load. The D-Series provides the same opportunities for optimising the bunks as the A Series, and can greatly affect the haulier’s profitability.

Large accessory program

The pre-drilled frames make it easy to mount several custom accessories, which make the driver's work safer and less tiring. All ExTe's accessories are carefully designed and tested to work safely and well together with the bank.

Contact your local ExTe dealer or us at ExTe if you want to know more about the new D series.

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Bunks / Stakes

D Series Brochure D5 Conical Lh 2.30-3.00, AD00328_A D5 Conical-in 2,10-3,00, AD00019_B D5 Conical-out 2,10-3,00, AD00020_B D5 Euro 2,10-3,00, AD00024_B D5 Lh 2,060-3,015 Telescopic, AD00021_B D5 T Conical Lh 2.30-3.00, AD00241_A D5 T Conical Lh 3.05-3.20, AD00242_A D5 T Euro Lh 2.10-3.00, AD00243_A D5 T Telescopic Lh 1.86-3.00, AD00244_A DS5 Euro, AD00009_B D5 ST Euro Lh 2.45 - 2.80, AD00277_A D7 Conical Lh 2.30-2.60, AD00329_A D7 Conical Lh 2.65-3.00, AD00330_A D7 Conical Lh 3.05-3.20, AD00331_A D7 Conical-in 2,10-2,60, AD00011_B D7 Conical-in 2,65-3,00, AD00071_A D7 Conical-in 3,05-3,20, AD00072_A D7 Conical-out 2,65-3,00, AD00073_A D7 Conical-out 3,05-3,20, AD00074_A D7 Euro 2,10-2,60, AD00022_B D7 Euro 2,65-3,00, AD00075_A D7 T Conical Lh 2.30-2.60, AD00245_A D7 T Conical Lh 2.65-3.00, AD00246_A D7 T Conical Lh 3.05-3.20, AD00249_A D7 T Conical Lh 3.05-3.20, AD00255_A D7 T Euro Lh 2.10-2.60, AD00248_A D7 ST Euro Lh 2.25 / 2.40 - 2.80, AD00278_A D7 T Euro Lh 2.65-3.00, AD00256_A D7 T Telescopic Lh 2.06-3.00, AD00247_A DS7 Euro, AD00004_D D10 Conical Lh 2.30-2.45, AD00332_A D10 Conical Lh 2.50-2.80, AD00333_A D10 Conical Lh 2.85-3.20, AD00334_A D10 Conical-in 2,50-2,80, AD00014_B D10 Conical-in 2,85-3,00, AD00076_A D10 Conical-in Lh 3.05-3.20, AD00077_A D10 Conical-out 2,50-2,80, AD00015_B D10 Conical-out 2,85-3,20, AD00078_A D10 Euro Lh 2.00-3.00, AD00023_D D10 Telescopic Lh1.860-3.015, AD00016_B D10 T Conical Lh 2.30-2.45, AD00257_A D10 T Conical Lh 2.50-2.80, AD00258_A D10 T Conical Lh 2.85-3.20, AD00259_A D10 T Euro Lh 2.00-3.00, AD00265_A D10 T Telescopic Lh1.86-3.00, AD00267_A D12 Conical-in 2,55-3,00, AD00084_A D12 Conical-out 2,60-3,00, AD00085_A D12 Euro 1,80-3,00, AD00083_A D12 Lh 2,04-3,00 Telescopic, AD00086_A D12 T Conical-in Lh 2.55-3.00, AD00268_A D12 T Conical-in Lh 3.05-3.40, AD00272_A D12 T Conical-out Lh 2.60-3.00, AD00273_A D12 T Euro Lh 1.80-2.30, AD00274_A D12 T Euro Lh 2.40-3.00, AD00275_A D12 T Telescopic Lh 2.04-3.00, AD00276_A


ExTe's resellers are located in a large number of locations and the number of service locations is growing steadily.


ExTe is the world's leading manufacturer and supplier of timber bunks and automatic tensioners. For more than 120 years, we have developed and delivered products for secure load securing of timber by road and rail.


ExTe has many unique and patented solutions. ExTe's patent symbol shows that there is something unique that only exists in ExTe. That ExTe has something that no one else has.